Halo 4 Master Chief Helmet

Halo 4 Master Chief Helmet

The global first halo 4 helmet;  The most close to the original

halo 4 helmet

Click above picture to know more about the halo 4 helmet and buy.

343 Industries and Microsoft have released the halo 4 video game and get more than 4 million sales in only a few month, more and more people attracted by it’s fantacistic. Then, how about bring your favorite video game character in real life with our vivid and high quality halo 4 helmet of the Halo 4 Master Chief Eva.

Classical Version Halo 4 Helmet

halo 4 helmet

You can click above picture to buy a halo 4 master chief helmet.

Includes: full head mask, cotton cap, LED light, Honeycomb texture glass
Size: fits most adults and kids, normal size
Height: 23cm
Width: 28cm
Length: 32cm
Material: PVC + LED light
Battery: 1.5v *4
Long lifetime, brighter and Waterproof LED light
7 holes of helmet, good to breath
Good quality but not so heavy, makes you more comfortable

Dream Work of Halo 4 Fans

The most popular Halo prop

The Halo 4 Fans’Essential

When Halo 4 is released, do you still play halo 3?
When halo 4 is released, do you still buy halo 3 helmet?
When halo 4 helmet is popular, do you still search halo 3 helmet?
Do you think halo games is your only choice? no other products to collect?
Do you still wear halo 3 helmet then playing halo 4?
Now halo 4 is the most popular, about 93.89% halo fans have found halo 4 helmet.
Halo 4 helmet is your modern choice!

This halo 4 helmet is specially designed to replicate the character from the popular Xbox 360 games with stunning real-life detail. Based on the highly-anticipated video game, Halo 4, by Microsoft Studios & 343 Industries, this halo4 helmet shows the new version of the Halo series’ most iconic character, the halo 4 Master Chief.

halo 4 helmet










halo 4 helmet










We are also creating realistic life sized halo 4 helmets,halo 4 armor and weapons that can actually be worn. If you are interesting in halo 4 related items, you can connect with us for more information:

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